Week 1                                     Lunch Menu                    29th January 2018

Monday: Steak mince served with baby potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Korma served with boiled rice

Wednesday: Macaroni cheese served with cauliflower & Garlic Bread

Thursday: Fish fingers served with creamed potatoes & peas

Friday: Tomato soup & Sandwiches 

Week 2                                    Lunch Menu                     5th February 2018

Monday: Lasagne served with buttered bread

Tuesday:  Roast chicken served with baby potatoes & mixed vegetables

Wednesday: Leek & potato soup served with a selection of sandwiches

Thursday: Chilli con carne served with boiled rice

Friday: Macaroni cheese served with garlic bread

Week 3                                       Lunch Menu                   12th February 2018

Monday : Roast turkey served with potato wedges and beans

Tuesday: Fish fingers served with baby potatoes & peas

Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognese served with garlic bread (Valentines lunch)

Thursday: Creamy tomato pasta served with Garlic bread

Friday: Sweet & sour chicken served with boiled rice (Chinese New Year)

Week 4                                     Lunch Menu                     19th February 2018

Monday:  Macaroni cheese served with garlic bread

Tuesday: Lentil soup served with a selection of sandwiches

Wednesday:Roast Ham served with baby potatoes and mixed vegetables

Thursday: Pizza Margherita served with tomato pasta

Friday: Sausage casserole served with crispy potatoes

Sandwiches will be on offer to all children who do not like the lunch being served. Selection of puddings e.g sugar free jelly, custard, angel delight & natural yogurt which will also be on offer to any children where required.