Week 1                                     Lunch Menu                    26th March 2018

Monday: Macaroni cheese and Garlic bread

Tuesday: Fish fingers with potatoes and beans

Wednesday: Roast Turkey served with sweet potato wedges and mixed        vegetables

Thursday: Sweet & Sour chicken served with noodles

Friday: Lentil soup served with a selection of sandwiches

Week 2                                    Lunch Menu                     2nd April 2018

Monday: Tomato soup served with a selection of sandwiches

Tuesday: Steak Mince served with Boiled Potatoes & carrots

Wednesday: Chicken Tikka served with boiled rice

Thursday: Creamy tomato & vegetable pasta bake with garlic bread

Friday: Fish fingers with baby potatoes & beans

Week 3                                       Lunch Menu                   9th April 2018

Monday : Macaroni cheese served with garlic bread

Tuesday: Chilli con carne served with boiled rice

Wednesday: Leek & potato soup served with a selection of sandwiches

Thursday: Chicken casserole served with baby potatoes

Friday: Pizza Margherita served with tomato pasta

Week 4                                     Lunch Menu                     16th April 2018

Monday: Spaghetti bolognese served with Garlic Bread

Tuesday: Fish fingers served with baby potatoes & garden peas

Wednesday: Smoked sausage tomato pasta served with crusty bread

Thursday: Chicken Curry served with boiled rice

Friday: Roast ham served with crispy potatoes & beans

Sandwiches will be on offer to all children who do not like the lunch being served. Selection of puddings e.g sugar free jelly, custard, angel delight & natural yogurt which will also be on offer to any children where required.