Our daughter loves attending Buttons and Bows she is always saying she wants to go to the big girls room!  Meaning the new 3-5 room she has moved into, which is great is great.  The staff are lovely and really take an interest in the children and their learning.

- The Livingstone's - 3-5 Room Parent

We always find both staff and management very approachable, helpful and supportive.  Our wee boy loves Buttons and Bows and we are simply delighted with how well he settled in to the 3-5 room.  The new facilities are also a great asset to the children's learning environment.

- Margaret Sinclair - 3-5 Room Parent

Ben has come on leaps and bounds in the nursery.  His development and social skills have improved since joining, thank you Buttons and Bows.

- Mr and Mrs McLay Baby Room Parents

When my son got a place at Buttons and Bows he settled in really well and just loves all the staff.  I am confident that my son is well looked after and how he misses nursery when he is not there.  He has made lots of close friends.  A huge thanks to everyone that is involved with his care.

- Kim Quinn - 3-5 Room

We knew choosing a nursery for our daughter was going to be difficult decision.  The nursery had to be safe with well trained and friendly staff and have good learning and development for our daughter.  Thankfully, Buttons and Bows have been incredible and have exceeded our expectations.  Knowing our daughter is in good hands and seeing her face light up when she arrives at nursery makes our onward commute to work that much easier.  If our daughter could speak yet, I am sure she would say "Thank you, with lots of hugs and kisses to all the staff at Buttons and Bows".

- Tsang Family - Baby Room Parent

Buttons and Bows provides an excellent learning and development environment for children.  Our daughter has continued to develop throughout each stage during her time at nursery.

- Caroline and Gordon Smith 2-3 room parents

Thanks to all the girls in the baby room!  We appreciate all your hard work.  Liam will miss you all when he moves up to the tweenies.

- Julia Howie baby room parent

Buttons and Bows is a great nursery, staffed by great people.  My kids love(d) going in the morning and ask to go on days they are off.  I have absolutely no qualms about leaving my son (other 2 now at school) and have every confidence he is getting the best of the best in care.

- Susan Swanson 3-5 room parent

It is a very warm and friendly environment, the children are treated as individuals.  I feel that the teachers know my daughter very well, that she gets attention, praise and encouragement.  The teachers are reliable, responsible and approachable.  The physical environment is pleasant, especially the outdoor garden.  There is also a large variety of activities available to the children. 

- Barbara Cid 3-5 room parent

Our eldest son has come on leaps and bounds and loves taking part in mini-kickers.  We have just started our youngest son who is already taken by the 'ladies'.

- Shona and Kevin Cumming 2-3 room parent

My son is always excited to go to Buttons and Bows and that is reassuring for any parent.  A terrific nursery with excellent staff and a great range of learning opportunities.

- Lisa Murphy 3-5 room parent

My child has really come on through his time at the nursery and has bonded really well with some of the other children.  He loves Buttons and Bows!

- Stacey Bauld 3-5 room parent

Our three children have all attended Buttons and Bows since 2006 and we have every confidence in the nursery, it's staff and management.

- Stella and Andy McMillan 3-5 and baby room parents.

My child loves taking part in the wide range of activities particularly Jo Jingles. He looks forward to going to Buttons and Bows, which I think speaks volumes. The staff are wonderful and so supportive of both parents and children.

- Margaret Worrall 2 - 3 room parent.

My child is in the 3 - 5 room and has been at Buttons and Bows since the baby room. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by the nursery. From caring staff to very approachable and forward thinking management, they provide a safe, secure and fun learning environment for my child.

Outdoor play is very much encouraged and the children also benefit from Active Kids and Computer Xplorers which enriches their 3 - 5 curriculum.

They are always out on fun trips and are given a choice, even at this age, as to what they want to learn.

The Curriculum for Excellence is a new curriculum which encourages active learning, outdoor play and children's choice in what they learn and Buttons and Bows embraces this fully. I would highly recommend this nursery.

- Claire Duncan - 3 - 5 room parent.

My child recently transferred from the 2 - 3 room to the 3 - 5 room. Whilst in the 2-3 room, my child received a huge amount of support and encouragement to overcome the hurdles that, typically, two year olds face, such as behavioural issues and toilet training. As a result, he has arrived at the 3 - 5 room a happy and confident child and credit for this is largely due to the staff at Buttons and Bows nursery.

- Collette Quinn 3 - 5 room parent

I feel Buttons and Bows have supported my daughter through each of her development phases. She is now in the Toddler room and loves the Jo Jingles and Active Kids sessions. The staff at Buttons and Bows are
excellent and have provided helpful advice in terms of feeding, potty training etc. I would highly recommend this nursery.

- L. Fyvie - 2-3 room parent.